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Here is my list of stuff I WANT to acquire for my collection. Feel free to e-mail me at drew@voicedude.net.
This thing is HUGE!  

Here are hyperlinks to the specific toy line Wants Lists for this page:
GIJOE modern Wants List
GIJOE vintage Wants List
MARVEL Wants List
Transformers Wants List
Masters Of the Universe Classics (MOTUC) Wants List
Centurions Wants List
Visionaries Wants List
DC Universe Classics (DCUC) Wants List
Wheeled Warriors Wants List
SilverHawks Wants List
WWE/WWF Wants List
Blu-Ray movies Wants List
Drew's son's wants list


FYI - I can only trade for this stuff right now as the wallet has been off making a lint collection.

30th Anniv Figures WANTED: in order of most wanted at top (loose and complete)
Zarana (pink) - 2011 SDCC Exclusive
Road Pig - BBTS 7-pack

G.I.JOE Fan Club FSS2 Figures WANTED:
Keel Haul

G.I.JOE Fan Club FSS3 Figures WANTED:

G.I.JOE Fan Club FSS4 Figures WANTED:
Tiger Force Outback

G.I.JOE Fan Club FSS6 Figures WANTED:

Retaliation movie line Figures WANTED: (loose and complete)
“Ultimate” Snake Eyes (Vintage) - wave 3.5

Joe Con 2011 wants list (in order of priority)
- SMB set Wet Suit
- SMB set Leatherneck
- PP Gatilho/Trigger
- SMB set Cobra De Aco

Joe Con 2015 wants list
- TF Bazooka
- Tiger Sting

G.I.JOE Vintage figures wanted the most right now: items in BOLD are priorities (loose and complete)
I don't need file cards for these. Those are a separate list.
Grand Slam 1983 - swivel arm, complete with helmet and visor
Hawk 1983 - swivel arm, complete with helmet and visor
Steeler 1983 - swivel arm, complete
Cobra 1983 - swivel arm x4
Cobra Officer 1983 - swivel arm 
Cobra Commander 1983 (v1.5) - decent fig only (no yellow, minor wear)
Thunder 1984 - complete
Heavy Metal 1985 - at least with gun
Lamprey 1985 - complete
Sgt Slaughter 1986 (TTT) - would like the baton but it is not a deal breaker
The Fridge 1986 - figure only
Viper 1986 - want many, would possibly settle for Viper Pit versions x5
AVAC 1986
Gung-Ho 1987 (v2) - complete
Payload 1987 - need 100%
Starduster 1987 - need 100%
Crazylegs 1988 (Night Force) - need figure, parachute rig and rifle stock
Night-Viper 1989 - need 100%

G.I.JOE Vintage Vehicle/Playsets wanted most right now: items in BOLD are priorities (loose and complete)
Some accessories not needed (noted below). Figures not needed unless requested above.
MMS 1982/83 - need 100%
Assault Copter Dragonfly 1983 - need a good working shell
H.I.S.S. 1983 - want mail-away version 100% (but I should be able to fix non-elevating guns)
Combat Jet Skystriker 1983 - want a nice clean complete one with chutes
Water Maccasin 1984 - want 100%
Rattler 1984 - need 100%
Watch Tower 1984 - need 100%
Air Defense 1985 - need 100%
Flight Pod (Trouble Bubble) 1985 - need 100%
Weapons Transport 1985 - need 100% and 2 extra trailers (bombs optional)
Surveillance Port 1986 - need 100%
Firebat 1986 - need 100% (for my Terror Drome)
Mamba 1987 - need 100%
MCC 1987 - need 100%
DEMON 1988 - need 100%
Tiger Fly 1988 - need 100%
Night Striker (WHALE) 1988 - I can get repro vanes and cannon tips.

G.I.JOE Vintage figures PARTS wanted the most right now: items in BOLD are priorities (loose and complete)
Snake Eyes 1982/83 - satchel and Uzi
Flash/Hawk/ShortFuze/Grand Slam - visors (need 3)
Rock n Roll - bi-pod
Cobra Officer - AK-47 (want a few)
Cobra Commander - hair dryer pistol x2
Destro - pistol
Tripwire - mine detector, mines and backpack
Grunt 1983 (tan) - helmet
Spirit - need loin cloth
Firefly - need backpack cover
Storm Shadow - need swords, chuks and bow
Scrap Iron - pistol
Alpine - need submachine gun, rifle, grappling hooks and string
Bazooka - need v2 launcher
Footloose - need backpack, M-16 and launcher
Quick-Kick - need chuks
Snake Eyes 1985 - need sword
Buzzer - need backpack
Ripper - need rifle
Crimson Guard - rifle x2
Snow Serpent - need mortar stand
Dial Tone - need complete backpack
Lifeline - need med kit and 2 masks
Low Light - need bi-pod
BATS - need 3 hands
Viper - need 1 rifle (can be the dark gray AP version) and 3 backpacks
Claymore - need helmet
Chuckles - need pistol and harness
Fast Draw - backpack, missiles, black hoses, and handles
Jinx - need 2 swords, backpack and staff
Law & Order - need Order and billy club
Outback - need flashlight (broke mine)
Rumbler - rifle
Big Boa - need 1 glove (need to check which one)
Cobra Comander 1987 - need hose
Budo - need 2 swords, sai and backpack
Hit & Run - need grappling hook and string
Shockwave - need machine gun and pistol
Voltar - need bird and backpack
Tunnel-Rat 1988 - Night Force, (only need the satchel, backpack and flashlights)
***I need other stuff past 1988 but will deal with that later.***

G.I.JOE Vintage Vehicle/Playsets PARTS wanted most right now: items in BOLD are priorities
VAMP 1982/1983 - bumper bar
HAL 1982/1983 - rear support
Tiger Sting 1989 - Steering Wheel, Gas cans (x4), gas can rack, 2 doors
Tiger Shark 1988 - need 1 vane (bottom tip can be broken)
Tiger Rat 1988 - need solid panel from front of jet
Mauler 1985 - left side grenade launcher, both Antennas, 4 mud flaps
Thunder Machine 1986 - Steering Wheel
Crossfire (R/C) 1987 - 2 missiles, rear gun and mount, 2 nose guns
Rolling Thunder 1988 - need 1 large orange/red missile, 3 small orange/red missiles, 2 antennas, underside nose gun
IMP 1988 - need 3 complete missiles

G.I.JOE International Vintage figures wanted right now: (MOC)
Blowtorch - UK/European Palitoy Action Force release (sub countries do not matter like Spain, France, etc)
Blowtorch - Brazil
Blowtorch - Canadian
Urzor (re-deco Repeater) - Brazil: Forca Fera, A pipe dream I know.  

G.I.JOE International Vintage figures wanted right now: (loose and complete)
Spirit - Mexico, complete figure needed
ANYTHING Forca Fera from Brazil
(have Urzor, but he has 2 broke thumbs)
Anjo da Guarda (Keel Haul) - from Brazil.  Want him for my Brazil WHALE!!!
Biologico - Brazil Eco Warrior
Biomassa - Brazil Eco Warrior
T.N.T. (re-deco of Blowtorch) - Argentina, need a weapon and backpack only. Have figure and helmet.
ANY crappy condition Argen 7 figure (even if it has broken thumbs or crotch, etc)
Outback (Tiger Force) - accessories only.  I have the figure now.
Hunter (SAS) - figure only
Tripwire - Funskool "Bomb Squad"
Wild Weasel - Funskool
Snake Eyes (blue) - Funskool

G.I.JOE Modern Era fodder parts needed!:
2008 Clutch/2010 Tomahawk/2011 Double Clutch - need just the head (for my tan Clutch custom)
2009 Recondo - just need the complete arms (for my tan Clutch custom)
2008 Snow Serpent - shoulder fur (for a custom)
2010 Snake Eyes (w3) - Uzi x3 (or comparable Marauder Uzi)

G.I.JOE ARAH comics (IDW) needed!: (it's ok if they aren't mint.  They are "readers" to me)
163 - Cobra Commander with gun cover
164 - Snake Eyes vs Storm Shadow cover
165 - Skystriker cover
166 - Shipwreck cover
167 - Baroness cover
168 - Blizzard vs Snow Serpent cover
169 - FireFly vs Mainframe, OR Snake Eyes cover
170 - Roadblock, Flint, and Lady Jaye cover
172 - Darklon cover
173 - Hasbro toys, OR Tank cover
178 - Scarlett cover


MARVEL toys wanted: See specific toy lines in listings below

Hot Toys 12" figures Wanted:
Captain America (First Avenger) - 1940s version of Cap in full costume
Captain America (Avengers) - came with Chitauri blaster
Captain America (Age of Ultron)
Captain America (Civil War)
Captain America (First Avenger) - Rescue mission Cap
Captain America (First Avenger) - Promotional Tour Cap
Red Skull
Iron Man (Silver Centurion)
Hulkbuster Iron Man (Age of Ultron version)
Hulk - don't need Bruce Banner figure (if from the 2-pack)

Captain America movie toy line WANTED: (loose and complete)
TFA: Captain America - deluxe parachuting Cap
TFA: Captain America - deluxe black costume
TWS: Winter Soldier - regular figure

Marvel Universe (MU)/Secret Wars WANTED: items in BOLD are priorities right now (loose and complete)
extra Captain America shield (round) preferably one with the elastic straps to give to my shield-less Ultimate Cap.
extra Captain America shield (round) from the MU gigantic battles 2-pack that had Bucky Cap and the giant Skrull

Magneto - from Secret Wars 2-pack
Bulldozer - from Secret Wars 2-pack
Ultron - from Secret Wars 2-pack
Thunderball - from Secret Wars 2-pack
Spider-man - red/blue costume from Secret Wars 2-pack
Spider-Woman - from Secret Wars 2-pack

She Hulk - from the Wolverine 2-pack
Captain America - from the Wolverine 2-pack (want the reprint comic too!)
Captain America - from the Magneto 2-pack
Galactus - with Silver Surfer
Storm - from Giant Sized X-Men set
Captain America - SDCC 2009 "black and white" version, MOC
Captain America - SDCC 2010, "ultimate WWII" loose complete

Other MARVEL 4-inch figure lines (specified in each listing) WANTED: (loose and complete)
Colossus - "X-Men Origins: Wolverine" movie line (single or the 2-pack)
Sif - THOR movie line figure
Heimdall - THOR movie line figure

MARVEL Legends figures WANTED: want loose/complete unless specified. Items in BOLD are priorities right now.
Spider-man - 2017 Homecoming movie version (from 2pk with Iron Man)
Iron Man - 2017 Homecoming movie version (from 2-pack)
Iron Man Mk7 - 2018 10yrs
Ultron - 2018 10yrs
Red Skull - 2018 10yrs
Vision - 2018 Infinity War 2-pack
Scarlet Witch - 2018 Infinity War 2-pack
Ant Man - 2018 Infinity War wave 2
Wasp - 2018 Infinity War wave 2
Nebula - 2017 GOTG2 Mantis wave
Gamora - 2017 GOTG2 Mantis wave
Drax - 2017 GOTG2 Mantis wave
Groot (teen) - Infinity War 3-pack
Thor - Infinity War 3-pack
Sif - 2018 10ys (from 2-pack)
Ronan - 2018 10ys
Black Panther (energized) - 2019 M'Baku wave
THOR - 2017 Ragnarok movie version (with helmet)
Iron Man "Stealth" - Series 1 (Toy Biz, can be missing mask as I have a replacement)
Iron Man Mk43 - Age of Ultron (Thanos BAF) don't need the BAF part
Captain America - Series 8 "Ultimate" (Toy Biz, prefer with no wings and gray under arms)(don't need stand)
Dum Dum Dugan - Hasbro 2pks variant (came with Hand Ninja)
US Agent - new Hasbro version
Winter Soldier - Captain America BAF series (no BAF part needed)
Red Skull - Toy Biz Series 5 chase figure
Captain America (Ultimate, WWII) - CA:TFA or ML 2pk version
Winter Soldier - 2010 2pk version (prefer long hair one if possible)
Archangel - 2018 version complete with alt heads.  Apocalypse part not needed)
Nick Fury - Hasbro 2pks (came with Hand Ninja), or 2016 version
SHIELD Agent - Hasbro 2pks variant (came with Hand Ninja)
Hydra Soldier - Queen Brood series (want a couple of them, either variant)
Maria Hill - TRU 3-pack (Marvel cinematic universe)
Phil Coulson - TRU 3-pack (Marvel cinematic universe)
Union Jack - Red Hulk series
Captain Britain - Giant Man series (no BAF part needed)
Warbird/Ms Marvel - from Hasbro 3-pack
Cable - 2018 version
Gambit - X-Men box set version with leather coat
Gambit - 2019 version
Hawkeye - 2018 vintage style version
Super Skrull - Fantastic Four Classics (fully colored version)
Thor - Series 3 (Toy Biz)
Iron Man (Hulkbuster) - Toy Biz Legendary Riders series
Iron Man - Toy Biz Mojo series, silver standard version (no BAF part needed)
Iron Man (gold accent) - Toy Biz Series 1 with flared mask
HULK - Toy Biz Face Off series 1 (bold green version that came with the "heart" headed Leader)
Iron Man (Thorbuster) - Toy Biz MODOK series (no BAF part needed)
Iron Man (Extremis) - 2012 Terrax series 1 (no BAF part needed)
Iron Man Mk42 - from Hasbro Iron Man Legends series
Skrull Soldier (Super Skrull) - Hasbro 2pks (came with Kree Soldier)
Loki - Onslaught series, long horn version (no BAF part needed)(OR the Thor movie one from 2011)
Iron Man (House of M) - House of M box set
Iron Man (Heroes Reborn) - Ares series

MARVEL Legends Build-A-Figures WANTED: (loose and complete unless specified)
Apocalypse - Black variant with arm cables (only need 4 parts at present: Left arm, Left Leg, Upper Torso/head, 1 arm cable)
Cull Obsidian - 2018 Infinity War BAF
Thanos (left arm) - 2018 Infinity War BAF part
M'Baku - 2019 Black Panther BAF
Groot - 2014 GOTG BAF
Juggernaut - 2017 X-Men series BAF
Arnim Zola - just want the chest piece to swap with Red Skull
Red Skull (Arnim Zola variant)- only need Right Arm and Left Leg!
MODOK - offers have to be cheap as I previously had 8 of these in my inventory before dumping them off
Iron Monger - blue Hasbro version, complete


all wanted in loose and complete in good shape unless noted. BOLD items wanted the most.

G1: (re-issues would be ok)
Optimus Prime
Shockwave (just the barrel attachment and battery cover needed)

Ironhide - need replacement for my broken one. It was well loved. (doesn't need to have head weapons. I still have those)
Omega Supreme - just the head and the part it connects to, or a nice complete one for a good deal
Ultra Magnus (Overlord redeco)
Kicker (Superlink version)

Jetfire - SDCC version or a re-release of that version
Powerglide - classics 2.0 (TRU G1 deco) or Combiner Wars
Huffer - Combiner Wars
Rodimus - classics
Starscream - normal G1 deco, classics/universe/???
Trailbreaker - is the IDW one a G1 homage?  

Movie figures: (loose complete is OK)
Ratchet - 2007 Best Buy exclusive
Ironhide - 2007 premuim
Ironhide - 2018 deluxe (I think that was the version)
Megatron - 2007 Leader (regular or Premium)
Ironhide - ROTF Robot Replica
Ratchet - ROTF Robot Replica
Ratchet - 2018 deluxe (I think that was the version)
Ironhide - ROTF voyager (weapons only or cheap complete)
Barricade - Human Alliance ROTF
Sideswipe - ROTF Human Alliance
Mudflap - ROTF Human Alliance
Skids - ROTF Human Alliance
Megatron - ROTF Leader
Buster Optimus Prime - ROTF Leader (a dream, but still desired anyway)
Jetfire - ROTF Leader
Bumblebee - DOTM leader
Bumblebee - DOTM deluxe (the one that doesn't have the extra deco)
Soundwave - DOTM Human Alliance
Topspin - DOTM deluxe VARIANT (gray/black KOBALT Tools deco)
Ironhide - DOTM voyager RED VARIANT

Masterpiece figures:
Thundercracker - 2012 TRU exclusive
Bluestreak - 2013 figure 
Grimlock - 2011 TRU exclusive
Optimus Prime - 2012 TRU exclusive
Starscream - US version
Megatron - Japanese version (I know it's expensive)(or the best 3rd party version)

3rd Party figures:
Quakewave - forgot the manufacturer
Hercules - forgot the manufacturer (really only want the 'Long Haul' figure)
Galvatron - not sure of manufacturer
Gears - looks most like G1 cartoon (not sure of manufacturer)
Omega Supreme (whichever version looks closest to the G1 but has great articulation)


MOTUC (Masters of the Universe Classics) Toys wanted:
***All wanted loose and complete unless specified***
In order of priority: BOLD items are most wanted.
Kobra Khan
Zoar (from Sorceress. Need just the stand with the falcon)
Shadow Weaver - 2019 Super7 version
Filmation Evil-Lyn
Man-at-Arms (Super 7 Filmation version)
Teela (Super 7 Filmation version)
Tri-Klops (Super 7 Filmation version)
Hordak (Super 7 Filmation version)
red Beast Man (Power Con exclusive)
Heads of Eternia
Flying Fists He-Man/Terror Claws Skeletor
Queen Grayskull
Point Dread and Teela 2.0
King He-Man (don't need the comic at all)
200x King Hsss
Hover Robots
King Randor (EP version)
Spirit of Hordak - do NOT need the crossbow (I DO want the armband tho)
He-Ro - most common color of crystal is A-OK
Wind Raider
Battle Ram
Lizard Man
Ninjor (Ninja Warrior)
Palace Guards 2-pack (also am interested in them sold/traded single)
Battleground Teela
Sky High and Sky Sled (I don't care what Matty labeled it, WE know what it is!) - prefer just the sled
Snake Men 2-pack (also am interested in them sold/traded single)
Mosquitor - wish I could get one from Pixel Dan! (with a signed cardback!)
Queen Angella
Chief Carnivus
Light Hope
Demo Man (must have Alcala head)
Dragon Blaster Skeletor - don't need comic at all (can be missing the sword too)
Tung Lashor
King Grayskull - (for custom, don't need Orb)
Castle Grayskull stands
NA Skeletor
Bubble Power She-Ra - only want the buck with dress, no head, no accessories
Clamp Champ
Plundor (also mildly interested. Mainly want the Axe)
He-Man - Ultimate edition
Skeletor - Ultimate edition
Teela - Ultimate edition

Modulok parts - need 1 extra torso and 1 leg (either side. the alien one with white toes)
Zoar (from Sorceress. Need just the stand with the falcon)
female crotch piece - (v2.0?) used my Marlena crotch to fix Goddess. Need one (any color) to help her stand up again.
Skeletor - Alcala head from Demo Man or custom
Roboto parts in black
TOD Sorceress Orb Stand
Man-At-Arms - Duncan head (with helmet)
He-Man full power sword (to give to Adam and more) x3
Catra's sword
Tri-Klops' Doomseeker (with stand)
Mo-Larr (buck only - no head)
Clamp Champ armor
WP 200x Power Sword
WP orange Axe and Shield (for Faker)
ANY bird stands (Zoar, TOD Zoar, Screech, Glorybird, etc) x2
Snake Men head (yellow eyes and open mouth)
Zodak head (from Strobo)
Skeletor Filmation Axe (from Plundor)

Parts for custom figs needed:
 IAT Shop Keeper (have other parts already)
. Evil-Lyn (yellow version) - only need leotard and boots.

OTHER MOTU items wanted:
Masters of the Universe comics from STAR comics (1986) - have issue #3
collectible mini-comics that came with vintage figures and commemorative figures. (I have 1 already, but want more. Mainly the Alcala drawn ones and those where main characters were introduced like Ram-Man, Trap Jaw, Man-E-Faces, etc)
Golden Books MOTU:Secret of the Dragon's Egg (8x8 book)
other MOTU Golden Books (8x8)
MOTUC mini-comics (yeah, I know, I said above I didn't need them with the figures, but I still like them)


He-Man season 1 - spine shows complete Castle Grayskull (have)
He-Man season 2 part 1 - spine shows part of Snake Mountain (have)
He-Man season 2 part 2 - spine shows main section of Snake Mountain (have the DVDs, but need the cases!)
New Adventures - spine shows complete spaceship (NEED both seasons)
She-Ra season 1 - spine shows complete Crystal Castle (have)
She-Ra season 2 - spine shows the main picture of the fright zone tower (NEED)
200x/MYP complete set - spine shows complete 200x/MYP Castle Grayskull (NEED)

80's MOTU film on DVD or Blu-Ray

If anyone can help me find these DVD sets, I'd appreciate it!


CENTURIONS Toys wanted: items in bold are priorities. I am also open to trading for spare parts (especially helmets).

Max Ray figure - complete with helmet and Cruiser weapon system

Sea Bat - complete weapon system (Max)
Depth Charger - complete weapon system (Max)
Fireforce - complete weapon system (Jake)
Wild Weasel - complete weapon system (Jake)
Hornet - complete weapon system (Jake)
Swing Shot - complete weapon system (Jake)
Detonator - complete weapon system (Jake)

Doc Terror - complete with helmet and attachments
Hacker - complete with helmet and attachments
Doom Drone Strafer - complete
Doom Drone Traumatizer - complete


VISIONARIES Toys wanted:
***All wanted loose and complete unless specified*** - BOLD items wanted most
Cryotek - need weapon only
Arzon - need weapon and staff only
Witterquick - need figure and helmet only
Cindarr - need weapon only
Darkstorm - only need staff


DCUC (DC Universe Classics) and complimenting lines WANT List: (loose complete wanted unless specified)
Items in BOLD are priorities right now.

Batman (Arkham City) - navy blue and gray deco (Arkham City style logo on chest)
Batman (Arkham City) - bright blue and gray deco (classic logo on chest)
Azrael Batman - wave 16 DCUC
Bane - wave 16 DCUC CnC figure
Batman - black/gray from Clayface 2 pack
Robin - wave 16 DCUC, NOT the 60s head
Robin - 90s costume with all green legs from 2 pack (or wave 3 DCUC)
Joker - wave 10 DCUC or possibly the one from the new line
Lex Luthor - like the one from the Skeletor 2-pack (I want Skeletor too)
Flash - wave 7 DCUC (or all star)
Hawkman - wave 6 DCUC or from MOTUC 2-pack at TRU
Aquaman - regular, wave 2 DCUC or from MOTUC 2-pack at TRU
Green Arrow - wave 9 DCUC
Nightwing - wave 3 DCUC
Dr. Fate - wave 8 DCUC (classic)
Black Canary - wave 9 DCUC
Catwoman - purple costume like in the Knightfall comics
Pengiun - wave 1 DCUC
Riddler - wave 16 DCUC
Zatanna - wave 14 DCUC
Power Girl - wave 10 DCUC
Azrael - from Batgirl 2 pack
Batgirl - from Azrael 2 pack
Doomsday - after escaping his containment suit (2015 Matty exclusive)
Doomsday - in his containment suit (2014 SDCC exclusive)
Eradicator - wave 5 DCUC
Regen Suit Superman - wave 6 DCUC
Cyborg Superman - from Mongul 2 pack
Superboy - wave 13 DCUC
Darkseid - wave 12 DCUC

I'm sorry I don't know some of the lines and waves for these. I'm still cross checking these to a website I found with all of the details.


BOLD items are wanted the most

Armed Force - just need 1 extra gray "swing-out shooter" (Have complete vehicle)
Drill Sergeant - loose complete
Quick Draw - loose complete
Spike Trike - loose complete
Saw Boss - loose complete
Gun Grinner - loose complete
Terror Tank - loose complete
K.O. Kruiser - loose complete
Battle Base - loose complete


SilverHawks wants list:
BOLD items are wanted the most
All are wanted loose and complete

Mumbo Jumbo
Buzz Saw

Miraj - jet that holds 5 figures!


WWE/WWF Wrestling figures WANTED: (loose and complete)
Mattel Ultimate Warrior (Basic - powder blue trunks recently released)
Mattel Ultimate Warrior (Basic - white trunks and boots with pink accents, NEED title belt too! - from Sting 2-pk, Then, Now, Forever)
Mattel Ultimate Warrior (orange trunks, Wrestlemania 6 version Elite 2016, with Belt!)
Mattel Ultimate Warrior (Basic - with red trunks)
Mattel Ultimate Warrior (Basic - with orange trunks, with title belt! - Then, Now, Forever)
Mattel Ultimate Warrior (Elite - USA WalMart exclusive 2017, with title belt!)
Mattel Legion of Doom (Hawk and Animal) Elite, in red and black gear
Mattel Legion of Doom (Hawk and Animal) basic, in blue and black gear from early days
Mattel Hulk Hogan - Defining Moments version
Jakks Demolition - (all 3, Axe, Smash and Crush)
Mattel Macho King Randy Savage - from Wrestlemania VI appearance (vs Warrior)
Jakks Ultimate Warrior from WM 6 (vs Hogan) - BOTH versions (would like the black HW belt and the yellow IC belt as well)
Jakks Ultimate Warrior (with black trunks, face paint on cheek and blue HW title belt)
Jakks Ultimate Warrior (with blue duster)


Blu-Ray movies wants list:
BOLD items are wanted the most
All are wanted complete with all discs, jewel case and paper insert

Guardians of the Galaxy - Blu-Ray combo pack
Ant Man - Blu-Ray combo pack
Incredible HULK -deluxe set (Blu-Ray/DVD combo pack if possible)
Masters of the Universe - DVD or Blu-Ray
Predator - deluxe Blu-Ray

Drew's son's wants list:


More to come!!!

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